The Chamber is introducing a new way   to help organizations, businesses, and   events to increase their visibility.

An electronic poster system has been   tested with signs at the Teen Center   and the Small Business Center during   the past several weeks. The testing has   provided the opportunity to practice use   of the software and hardware involved.

The Chamber will now begin placing   electronic signs in additional locations   around the community.   The electronic posters provide an eyecatching   and attractive display and are   being used to promote community events   and activities.

The Chamber anticipates providing   the ability for member businesses and   organizations to place their posters on   the system in the near future.

Each electronic sign is capable of hosting   its own unique playlist, so messages will   be customized to the audience at the   venue hosting the sign.

If you are interested in hosting an   electronic sign at your business or   organization, please contact Katy Korkos   or Kevin Holsapple to discuss whether   you location could be a good fit.

Host locations will be able to put their   own electronic posters on the system.   A host must be able to provide a high   visibility location with an available   electric outlet and either WiFi or wired   internet connectivity.