Mike Luna, of Cruiser’s Custom Embroidery, is the backbone of small community business making the best of things and doing the best in any venue. Luna, formerly the owner of Home Run Pizza, has embarked on a new career creating art through embroidery and bringing smiles to faces throughout the community.

Luna’s artful handiwork is done with the help of an Amaya XT commercial machine, which according to Luna, whose capabilities are more than you can imagine. The machine is built for large orders and sews 15,000 stitches per minute. “It’s not your mama’s Bernina!” Luna said.

Luna started with simple orders and has quickly evolved his work with detail to rival a master. The business specializes in Corvettes and custom hot rods which can take the proud owner’s vehicle from the driveway to the winter jacket. Cruiser’s also works with large and small orders for corporate and team logos and special events to simple stitching to highlight your business or organization.

Luna is a successful businessman because of his work ethic and his love for the community, demonstrated by his many hours of volunteer work.

“I love living in a small town and having the opportunity to work with people that I have known for many years,” said Luna. “Friends and neighbors are the mainstay of local business in any community and I will rarely make a purchase out of town that I can find locally.”

Luna knows that if he can work with schools, churches, and sports teams that his business will not only survive, but flourish. He recently summed up his thoughts as both a business owner and community supporter. “Buy locally if you can!”