Assets in Action Community Awards
Recognize the people, groups, and businesses that are contributing to building a strong community for our youth and for all of us. Assets in Action is accepting nominations for our fourth annual community awards. You may make as many nominations as you wish.
Please complete your 2013 nominations by December 16th, 2013.

Award winners and nominees will be celebrated on January 4th, 2014. Reserve tickets by calling 661-4846.

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4th Annual Assets in Action Community Awards

The 4th annual Community Asset Awards took place on January 5th, at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. The event was sponsored by Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and America's Promise Alliance. Community members, ranging in age from 13 to 87 were recognized for various contributions to the Los Alamos community.
Los Alamos National Bank, Chairman, Bill Enloe was selected to receive the prestigious Spirit of the West award, for the evening. Jim West was instrumental in creating the Community Asset Awards event and each year a special committee selects the winner. Nominations can be made throughout the year.

The Assets in Action program is a feature of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce CommunityMatters initiative. The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) provides the funding to sustain the program.
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4th Annual Assets in Action Community Awards Honorees

Akash Dighe
Phoebe Fu
John Gibson
Janali Gustafson
Key Club
Ali Berl
Faith Glasco
Kristen Heartling
Paulina Majewska
Allison Rooney
Emily Pittman
United Way Youth Team
Jordan Ahlers
Lauren Burr
Laura Wendelberger
Justin Dunn
Soumyo Lahiri-Gupta
Sarah Tripplehorn
Lindsay Roach
Kaylie Burk
American Legion Riders
Dave Bullock
Dan Gandee
Ken Nadeau
Julia Agnew
Dawn Barr
Debbie Bell
Jarda Belmonte
Dr. Eric Bernstein
Kathy Boerigter
Sheri Bublitz
Father John Carney
Don Casperson
Peggy Durbin
Lois Eddleman
Bill Enloe
Vicki Erkkila
Dave Fox
Michelle Grove
Marshall Jansen
Valencia Jenkins
Dawn Kilburn
Patty Kokesh
Katy Korkos
Cindy Lawton
Jane Lin
Jim Little
Melanie McKinley
John Pawlak
Pam Prichard
Morrie Pongratz
Melissa Robinson
Len Scheel
Linda Seelau
John Singleton
Keith Stephens
Jim Steritz
Claire Swinhoe
Bill Wadt
KRSN AM 1490
Los Alamos Daily Post
Los Alamos Monitor
Mike Maez
John McHale
Smith's Food & Drug Stores
Dr. Eugene and Wendy Schmidt
Brad and Debbie Smith
Director's Choice
Keith Stephens
Spirit of the West
Bill Enloe