Deep down inside, we all know how much our community matters to us- but sometimes it takes a crisis to bring that knowledge home to us.

The CommUnity Matters program of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce got its start when our largest employer was threatening layoffs, and there was a real need for connections and support from both the business and the non-profit community. Since that time, the program has continued to try to strengthen the ties between the community and Chamber members.

When you read The Essence, you are reading a publication of the Chamber of Commerce’s CommUnity Matters initiative. We’re not trying to beat anyone over the head with any message about “shop locally” – we’re just trying to tell the story of our Community- the people and organizations that make it a unique and wonderful place to live.

The Chamber started this initiative because our members requested it. They came to us saying “we’re having a hard time telling our story, and getting the word out about how much we care about the community.” Features of CommUnity Matters include not only the Essence, but lots of other programs, such as our booth at the Gordon’s Concerts, our Destination Retail Summit, and even the fyiLA calendar.

If you’ve ever used one of the special offers from LA Deals, or filled out a feedback card at a local business, you’ve been a part of this program. We’ve handed out all of the thousands of reusable bags that CommUnity Matters produced, and helped the whole Community come together after the Las Conchas fire by providing communications to the business community, from Bandelier, the County and from state government.

We have expanded the program this year to include banner advertising on our website and total market distribution of the Essence in the Los Alamos Monitor – an increase of over 4,000 papers.

Please join with us in the coming year to support this great program, by calling Katy Korkos, Claire Roybal or Suzette Fox- we’re all knowledgeable about the program and ready to help. Katy, 661-4816, Claire, 661-4836, Suzette, 661-4844.