With 310 days of sunshine every year, we New Mexicans have no excuse for staying indoors- unless we’re suffering from poor health. The cadre of practitioners we have here that will help us get back on the road after an illness, an injury or the cumulative effects of poor nutrition is amazing- Los Alamos is blessed with a huge range of people whose sole mission in life is to make you feel good.

Nancy Savoia of Los Alamos Chiropractics has one of the oldest established chiropractic practices in Los Alamos, and over the years she has made a home for many other complementary and integrative health practitioners, from acupuncture to Reiki.

In addition to the spinal adjustments you might expect from a chiropractor, within the offices and treatment rooms of Los Alamos Chiropractics you can learn about the Egoscue Method of posture alignment from Jessica Kisiel or work with Dr. Wendy van Dilla, a naturopathic physician, to map out a program that will lead to healing. You can get help from an acupuncturist, an herbalist or a massage therapist.

In addition to working full-time in her practice, Nancy Savoia has devoted countless hours to seeing the Los Alamos Cooperative Market get up and running- all in an effort to help people feel good from top to toe.